Scientific Minds



Managing Director

Owner and Inventor, It was over 20 years ago that Ian first came up with the concept of Beer Saver. Since then Ian has refused to stand still, constantly developing and upgrading the system at every opportunity. 

Ian's mission statement has simply been to ensure that Beer Saver offered the most technologically advanced system in the market place. In pursuit of this he has striven to bring together the best minds in the industry. 

Beer Saver 7 Pro is an accumulation of Ian's drive and the team behind him. 



Science Director

Dr David Quain is an acclaimed expert in biofilm formation. His experience includes Editor in Chief of The Journal of The Institute of Brewing. Academic at The International Centre for Brewing Science at The University of Nottingham. Professor at The International Centre for Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University. 
David has published 9 scientific papers many of which focus on beer hygiene. As a leading academic in the field, David's contribution to the development of Beer Saver has been significant.



Technical Director

George brings technical expertise and knowledge to the team. Adding significant technical know how to the development of Beer Saver. 

George Vassila is also director of Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd. 

An electromagnetic compatibility test laboratory.  This state-of-the-art facility, creates significant opportunities for research and development within the business. The company boasts a 10m open area test site, alongside two echo-free chambers, a screened room, specialist testing cell, and a mobile unit.

This level of scientific testing capability lends significant  weight to the overall development of Beer Saver. And goes a long way to explaining why the system offers the best performance by far in the market place.    



Sales & Operations Director

A successful business operator, Simon began working with Cambridge Scientific Solutions over 5 years ago. Working closely with the company, helping the business to develop its sales strategy, it was natural progression for Simon to become a permanent part of the board. 

Being involved in all aspects of the business from product design and development, operational development and strategy, and of course sales. Simon enjoys bringing all the elements of the business together into what he knows is the best proposition in the market place.